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7 Secrets of the Eucharist DVD

Now available on DVD: Live video of Vinny Flynn's powerful talk on the Eucharist, based on his widely-acclaimed book. Includes 2 bonus secrets not found in the book. Get ready to discover the hidden truths of the Holy Eucharist; truths that have always been embraced by theologians, saints, and mystics now finally made understandable to all.

A Christmas for Little Children

Through exciting music and stories children have the opportunity to learn the true meaning of Christmas – the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Here’s your child’s opportunity to discover the true meaning of Christmas—the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus! Through exciting music and stories, the richness of the Christian faith comes alive in A Christmas for Little Children. In this video children share in the Bethlehem experience, visit a colorful family of puppets for a home celebration and worship Jesus in the beauty of the Church. This live action video features Broadway sensation Jennifer Naimo and professional ventriloquist Randy Malick and his puppet Friends. And children make A Christmas for Little Children exciting as they sing their way through the holiday. Ten lively songs keep your child’s full attention, and manger animals, playful art and animated stories of the saints add to the fun. A Christmas for Little Children is sure to spark a friendship between your child and Jesus!

A Giant Problem-Children

Bugtime Adventures-A Giant Problem-The David Story-Children The David Story The Armies of Israel are challenged to send out a single soldier to do battle with Goliath. No soldier is courageous enough to take on the task, at least not until little David walks onto the scene. David stoops down and gathers five smooth stones and stands in Faith to fight the giant! Meanwhile, at the feet of the humans, another huge drama unfolds as Buggelsville, the tiny bug town, is threatened with total destruction from the cracked and leaking water dam. Spud, the potato-bug civil engineer, has figured out a way for someone to plug up the hole before the dam breaks but who will be brave enough to try? Can Megan, the town’s school-teacher ant, gather enough courage to accomplish the job?

A Lot to Swallow-Children

Bugtime Adventures-A Lot to Swallow-The Story of Jonah The Story of Jonah — Jonah is given a mission by God but chooses to disobey and instead boards a ship going in the opposite direction. Thrown overboard during a storm, he survives three days in the belly of a whale where he repents and is given a second opportunity to deliver God’s message. When a crow comes after Antoni, Megan and Wally, they take refuge inside Jonah’s pouch. They are with him when he is tossed overboard and swallowed by the whale. When they hear Jonah deliver his message and see the people repent, they learn an important lesson.

A Sing-A-Long for Little Childr

This program leads your child through the life of Jesus. Songs include “Hail Mary,” “Divine Mercy,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” and more. Twelve songs in all. Here it is by popular demand: A Sing-A-Long for Little Children! This live-action music video is from the best-selling Prayers for Little Children, The Rosary for Little Children and A Christmas for Little Children. And it includes four brand new songs. That’s twelve songs in all!Hosted by Jennifer Naimo, A Sing-A-Long for Little Childrenleads your child through the life of Jesus Christ. Your little viewers will sing their way from the nativity to the resurrection of Jesus.

Abraham -The Bible Collection

The Bible Collection

Adventures in Faith


Adventures of The Apostle Paul-

Adventures of The Apostle Paul-Childrens Introduce your children to the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul with this animated program. Recommended for ages 6-12, Adventures of the Apostle Paul teaches children about Paul's conversion, the story of Paul and Sila imprisonment at Philippi, and how Paul was "Shipwrecked at Malta" while on his way to Rome. They'll understand how the early church survived, spread, and grew after the ascension of Jesus. This DVD includes three 9-minute segments, plus a 7-minute segment on the making of the film, Bible texts for each program, English and Spanish languages.

Against the Wall-Children

Bugtime Adventures-Against the Wall-The Rahab Story-Children The Rahab Story After wandering the desert for many years, the Hebrew people are eager to reach the Promised Land. However, the enemy city of Jericho stands in their way. Inside this walled fortress lives a woman named Rahab who wants to be free of this unjust city. Rahab helps the Hebrew spies, and in return, they promise to help her entire family escape the city. Everyone expects a major battle, but God has other plans for Joshua and his army. Along for the journey, our bug friends also find themselves up against a wall. Roderick wants to give up right away, but Antoni and Megan know that if they stay on the right path, one way or the other, they’ll make it through. They try over, under, around, and through the cracks in the wall but fail to get to the other side – that is, until Wally steps up.


From Jean Delannoy, one of France’s foremost filmmakers, comes this top quality feature film production of the story of St. Bernadette and the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes. Actress Sydney Penny gives a beautiful performance as Bernadette, and the rest of the cast is equally superb. Also stars Roland Lesaffre and Michele Simonnet. It is highly recommended by the Vatican as a “sensitive portrayal of a very moving story that deserves a wide audience.”Shot on location in France with outstanding cinematography and a beautiful music score, this is the film that was chosen to be shown daily at the shrine in Lourdes.

Champions of Faith

Baseball Edition

Come what May

When does life really begin?

Credo-John Paul II-Andrea Bocel

This emotional film portrays highlights of the pontificate of John Paul II, his spiritual legacy, and numerous scenes and moments of his meetings & interactions with various dignitaries, powerful politicians and leaders, as well as ordinary people from around the world. Running throughout the whole film is the unique, beautiful voice of Andrea Bocelli, and songs from his best-selling album, "Sacred Arias".

David -The Bible Collection

The Bible Collection

Edith Stein

This is a moving, artistic portrayal of the life of Jewish philosopher, Catholic convert and Carmelite martyr, Edith Stein, capturing the interior struggles of this extraordinary woman, as well as the great conflicts from her decision to convert to Catholicism. Deeply influenced by the writings of St. Teresa of Avila, she joined the Carmelites and took the name of Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, and was put to death in Auschwitz in 1942, and canonized by John Paul II in 1998. This film shows how two worlds were united within her, the Jew and the Christian, in absolute coherence in her search for truth. She has become one of the most beautiful symbols in a horrifying period of history who sought to transform her sufferings under the Nazis into a journey through the “interior castle” as the way to mystical union with God. One phrase, “Love Conquers Fear” embodies her philosophy of life. Shot in a kind of a rich expressionist realism, it’s backed by poignant chant music that makes every frame haunting and alive. Actress Maia Morgenstern (The Passion of the Christ) stars in a powerful performance as Stein.

Episode 10 And it was So!

DVD God's power and forgiveness